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What do we guarantee? 100% flirting opportunities!

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We want everybody to have fun flirting. What we can't guarantee is that there will always be suitable partners for you to flirt with. How do we get round this? Well, sometimes we get a controller to start chatting. It's a little like a dancing school, where you can't always get a partner, so the school organises partners to stand in, until someone else is available. Our controllers make sure that you can still manage to have an amusing chat and enjoy yourself. Who are our controllers? Well, often they are young male, or female, students who want to finance their studies by earning a little extra money without having to sell fish and chips. These controllers have also created profiles; profiles which can't necessarily be distinguished from other profiles. Don't forget your fun is our first priority.

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This is the way in which we finance our site; it helps us to remain free of advertising. What are additional services? These are varied. You can, for example, send an SMS, so that your partner' will get a message, even if he/she is not online. It's easy to buy the Coins, too. Just decide how many you want and pay for them using one of our many business partners. When you run out, just buy some more. You see, we have no subscription costs or any other hidden costs.. Using our Coins means that you only send messages to serious partners; partners who are really interested.This method also eliminates problems with spam.. It also means that the partner of your dreams is really serious and is not just sending a chain letter.

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